Bench Press - LESORR x Gabriel Thibodeau

Whether it's a seat that's too round, legs that are too flat, a surface that's too damaged by the press or simply unwanted twisting effects, the shape of Bench Press has been defined through a considerable amount of material experimentation. Behind the project lies a valuable human collaboration between the designers and Transrol, a company working in the field of "wrought metals". Both were curious to understand and master the behavior of a steel tube under pressure. The cylindrical body is pressed simultaneously at both ends, marking the bends. Following this initial pressing, the legs are bent inwards at an angle of one hundred degrees. The structural performance of the bench is ensured by the three-dimensional pinching of the steel sheet. Bench Press's formal language gradually took shape, as the company moved back and forth between testing and creating customized tools.

Dimensions (L x W x H) - 52” x 15,5” x 17,5”

4500$ - Contact to purchase.